What is Boston Social Athletes?

    BSA is a central network for Boston's athletes.

    An organization designed to connect all of the athletic communities, clubs, teams, and individuals together in one place. It's a place for athletes from the recreational level to the Olympic level to come together under one roof to socialize, share ideas, challenge each other, or just have fun.

    An opportunity for athletes to network for business. We believe that people that are successful in sport are usually successful in business, for all the same reasons - we are driven to succeed. 

    A place for people looking to join a local club or team to meet people from many different teams and sports. A place for people to find new training partners or new athletic events. A place to make commitments to show up for a workout.

    A way to support fitness and healthy living-related charities, to give back to the fitness community that has supported us.

    An opportunity for us, the athletes of the greater Boston area, to foster the culture of fitness and healthy living in our great city.

    Simply put, it's a social organization for people who make fitness and sport a part of their lives.

    Join us!