Boston Social Athletes is all about connecting people in Boston's fitness community, from the recreational to the Olympic level. Every athlete we've talked to has a great story, whether about sport, work, or life. We want to encourage you to be social and meet these great people from different sports, teams, businesses or communities. We thought 49 Social would be the perfect location for a challenge this month:

Your challenge is to connect with someone not from your community. In other words, if you're a triathlete, your goal is to connect with anyone you've never met that isn't a triathlete; If you're into the November Project, your goal is to connect with someone that's never been to the stadium. Once you meet that person or people, snap a picture and post it to social media with #OneTeamBOS. Include the sports you both/all are into. After the social, we'll all be able to look back at the new connections we've made.

The more people connect with each other, the bigger and stronger our community!