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An Adventure in Boston's Fitness Class Scene

Posted by Will Allen

Sep 29, 2014 7:53:00 AM

Racing at the 2012 Head of the Charles


I started rowing during the summer of 2000, at a learn to row camp at Community Rowing, Inc. in Brighton, and from that point on, I knew rowing, or to a larger degree endurance sports, would be the fitness path for me. Ever since then, I've rowed at the high school, collegiate, club and pre-elite level, I've completed a half Ironman triathlon, trained for CrossFit for a year and half, and ran and cycled hundreds of miles throughout. I've tried a number of different sports and training methods.

But i've never done Pilates.

Or a Boot Camp.

Or Hot Yoga.

Or a Spinning class...

As I've developed Boston Social Athletes, I've worked to learn as much as possible about Boston's sports and fitness scene. While I've connected with many triathlon, or running, or cycling or other endurance teams, I haven't yet learned about the fitness class scene. I reached out to my friend Caroline Earle (aka The Trendy Trainer), who is well versed in the Boston fitness class scene, as a participant, a trainer herself, and also as a fitness writer for BostInno. Over a couple beers, we came up with the idea to go on a "Fitness Adventure", whereby she and I would go to a bunch of fitness classes and blog about our experiences. Me, the somewhat cocky endurance athlete (who will likely get his ass handed to him), and Caroline the seasoned pro guiding me on this adventure.


Caroline Earle (far left) and me at the BSA March 2014 Social

Over the coming months, Caroline and I will be going to all sorts of difference fitness classes around Boston and blogging it from our different persectives. And better yet, the adventure starts TONIGHT! We'll be going to a Turnstyle Cycle class in Kendall Square in Cambridge.

Check out Caroline's Fitness Adventure intro post here to get her perspective:

So stay tuned as we try everything form Boot Camps to BollyX. There will be videos, there will be instagrams, there will be..... PAIN! ;-)

Have a class you recommend? Want to share you own experiences with a Boston fitness class, leave a comment below! Want to follow along on our adventure? Subscribe to the blog in the top right of the page.

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