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Giving back to the fitness and healthy living community at our December Social

Posted by Will Allen

Dec 2, 2013 1:53:20 PM

This Wednesday, December 4th, is our December Social, which includes a toy drive to benefit the Greater Boston Toys For Tots, as well as a fundraiser to benefit The Play Ball! Foundation. It's the first significant event that Boston Social Athletes has organized to give back to the fitness and healthy living community. Through both of these organizations, we can promote fitness and healthy living in kids, our future athletes!


When I started Boston Social Athletes, in addition to creating ways to for people in the athletic community to connect with each other, I wanted to create opportunities for the people to give back to that community which has supported us so much. I decided an event around the holiday season was the best time to do it, and choosing organizations that support our future athletes was the best cause.


According to a recent article published on, "Children today take 90 seconds longer to run a mile than kids did 30 years ago, according to data from 28 countries. Children's aerobic fitness has declined by 5 percent since 1975." Couple that with increasing rates of obesity in both children and adults, as well as ever increasing healthcare costs, and it seemed to me that supporting and encouraging future generations to live a healthy life was the best approach.

Obesity over the years


For the Toy Drive, we're asking people to bring a toy that encourages kids to get outside and play. In other words, NO VIDEO GAMES. The toy could be sports equipment, an outdoor game, or anything that will encourage kids to be active rather than sedentary.

We chose to suppore the Play Ball! Foundation because their mission is "to create and expand team sports opportunities for middle school age urban youth who are at a pivotal time of physical and emotional development." Read the rest of their mission here

We hope you can join us in doing our part to support the next generation of healthy kids and athletes!


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