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The #goalboard and the CoachUp photo contest at the September Social

Posted by Will Allen

Sep 13, 2013 7:25:55 PM

This past Tuesday we had our September Social at Forum Bar & Restaurant. We were super psyched to support this newly renovated restaurant after it had been severly damaged from the Boston Marathon bombing. They took this tragedy and turned it into an opportunity for improvement. And improve they did! Everyone I spoke to commented on how great the space looked! 



This month we featured the Boston-based company CoachUp at the event. CoachUp is a service that connects athletes with private sports coaches (all sports and all ages).  They believe that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in sports and life. Their mission is very similar to BSA's mission, to foster the culture of fitness. Through this partnership, CoachUp offered a $100 gift code towards private coaching through their service to the winner of our photo contest. The contest was to post a picture of yourself to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram acting out someone else's sport. We had a people acting out running, yoga, rowing, even kite-boarding, all with a great amount of fun. But the winner really committed to acting out the sport more than anyone else.

And the winner is...


KATY DRISCOLL! Katy really took the theme to a new level, involving co-host Evan Dana to assist her in acting out, you guessed it, swimming! Notice how well she tucks her head near her arm, focusing on being as hydrodynamic as possible while NOT in the water! Congratulations Katy, you win a $100 gift code to CoachUp! Maybe you can use it to improve your swimming, both in and out of the water!

Finally, we introduced a new aspect to our socials: the #goalboard.

2013_09_10_Boston_Social_Athletes_September-41-18 2013_09_10_Boston_Social_Athletes_September-44-19


We thought it would be a fun and interesting idea to invite people to write down what their training goals were and get their picture taken with it, so other could see what motivates them to stay active, train hard, and work towards improvement. We'll be bringing the #goalboard to all future events and adding all photos to a dedicated photo album on Facebook. Our goal is to inspire you to commit to your goals, and challenge yourself and others to reach for more! 


Want to join us next time? The October Social will be on Wednesday, October 2nd at Anthem Kitchen + Bar in Faneuil Hall.Come meet local athletes from all sorts of different sports!


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