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March Social recap!

Posted by Will Allen

Mar 20, 2014 12:42:00 PM

Last Wednesday we had our March Social, which in my opinion was one of our best yet! One of our goals with Boston Social Athletes is to create environment for people to network for business opportunities. I was thrilled to have members of different fitness or healthy living-related businesses join us, including individuals from Energy Bits, RunKeeper, Inside Tracker, and CoachUp, all Boston-based start ups. Through our conversations, a bunch of us agreed to help RunKeeper promote their #SundayRunday group run - happening this Sunday, March 23 - in support of their #118forBoston campaign. They've also invited a few other local fitness-related businesses to take part in the event, giving them an opportunity to promote their products and connect to the community. When I started Boston Social Athletes May 2013, I hoped for connections and interactions to happen at the socials, but watching them unfold in front of my eyes and support the Boston community is a truly amazing sight. 

Social Media Maven and community manager from Energy Bits, Jonathan Levitt, shared details of his trip to Sochi during the Winter Olympics, representing the company and supporting their sponsored athletes. Hearing about his experience watching the competitions, hanging out in the USA and Canadian houses, and getting his opinion about the whole production was totally fascinating.


The connections didn't stop there, as I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Caroline Earle, who is the health and fitness writer for BostInno. Through her work she's been able to report on active and fit businesses, share healthy eating ideas, and connect with people throughout the fitness community! Check out her work here.

Later in the night, I was able to connect Ellen Perl, who is working to support the One Run For Boston, and Jim Redding from RunKeeper together. Jim was very excited to see how RunKeeper could support the One Run, which is "An epic non-stop running relay from LA to Boston in aid of the One Fund Boston". Great stuff is happening! Being able to create a space where people from different teams and fitness organizations can come together and find opportunities to work with each other, then see the valuable connections actually being made and implemented is not only exciting to see first hand, it's an achievement of one of our goals with BSA.

Did you make a new connection or learn something new at our social? Let us know in the comments!

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