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E pluribus unum: the power of Boston's athletic community

Posted by Will Allen

Aug 6, 2014 3:02:45 PM


From many, one.

Boston is home to literally hundreds of different teams, clubs, organizations, and sports. There are so many people that make up Boston's athletic community, but ask yourself, how connected are you?

And why should you want to be? In the picture above, there are Boston athletes that train for running, cycling, yoga, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, triathlon, and more. Each one of them has an interesting story for how they got into sports, how it's affected their lives, what new opportunities it's created, and why they wouldn't have it any other way.

I've experienced or learned about the power of the team or community in my own experiences in rowing, as well as in other Boston teams. A great example is the Greater Boston Track Club, which is a running team for people looking to compete at any level. I wrote about the the power that team on one member in a post from April. Another great example is the November Project, which has encouraged hundreds of people, athletes old and new, to "just show up" to their workouts. While they've helped many pursue a healthier lifestyle, the arguably more significant aspect of their team is the inclusive community they've developed. 

With Boston Social Athletes, our goal is not only to support each different team, sport, or community, but rather bring Boston's athletes together to form one team that has more strength and support than all of the individual teams combined. And truly, it's not about BSA, it's about Boston's athletic community.

Your challenge at our August Social is to connect with someone not from your community. In other words, if you're a triathlete, your goal is to connect with anyone you've never met that isn't a triathlete; If you're into the November Project, your goal is to connect with someone that's never been to the stadium. Once you meet that person or people, snap a picture and post it to social media with #OneTeamBOS. Include the sports you both/all are into, any teams you're a part of, and a few words on why the fitness community is important to you.

The goal of this project is to promote the idea of while we all train for different sports, or with different teams, groups or communities, we all make up one team that work to make the fitness community and the city at large a better, stronger, healthier place.

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