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Boston Social Athletes announces social partnership with E3 Triathlon Team

Posted by Will Allen

Mar 26, 2014 11:08:00 AM

Boston Social Athletes is excited to announce a new social partnership with E3 Triathlon Team (E3TT). E3TT is a multisport endurance team committed to creating a friendly and supportive environment for athletes of all levels to train, socialize, and compete in triathlon, running, and cycling events locally, across the country, and around the world.


When head coach Jorge Martinez (in center in photo above) approached me a few weeks ago with the idea of making our monthly socials his team's monthly socials, I was intrigued with the idea. When we spoke, he mentioned that "while a Tri only social can be appealing, I personally love the idea to get different groups of active people together. That way people can share experiences across sports and help/support each other." The minute I heard those words, I knew it was the perfect partnershipThis is exactly what Boston Social Athletes is all about.

This idea of strength in the community was mirrored by team president Jeff Williams. "One of the most important things to note about E3, and one of the main reasons why we see such alignment with BSA, is based on the fundamental belief that a team can not depend on a competition alone. E3 athletes are not only dedicated to their own constant athletic improvement, but are also socially minded citizens, dedicated to providing an encouraging, positive environment to their teams. They also consider themselves ambassadors to their team, sponsors, and endurance sport community."


From BSA's perspective, we're excited to have a dedicated, successful, and most importantly fun group of multi-sport athletes joining our diverse, active, fun group of athletes from many different sports every month. Our goal has always been to foster the culture of fitness by creating new connections and opportunities within Boston's athletic community.

The E3 Tri Team has both amateur and elite training groups. The amateur team is deeply committed to creating a friendly and supportive environment in which they welcome athletes of all athletic levels to train, socialize, and compete in triathlons, road races, and other endurance events. E3 Elite is an invite only branch of E3 Racing dedicated to a select group of aspiring and emerging amateur athletes, whom have proven to be among the premier athletes in their discipline. Athletes of this group represent E3 Racing at the highest level, consistently qualifying for and competing in renowned events such as Ironman World Championship at Kona, Ironman 70.3 World Championship, and the Boston Marathon.

E3TT's first social with BSA will be at our April Social, coming up on April 8th. If you're interested in learning more about E3TS, come to our April Social and ask for Jorge!

Boston Social Athletes is an organization focused on fostering the culture of fitness by creating a central community for athletic individuals, teams and organizations, whereby people can connect socially, share ideas, network for business, and promote a healthy, fit lifestyle. Click here to learn more about mission.


Join us in April!


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